Get 80s new tab Chrome extension

About us

Advertis Tech SRL is an online marketing company, based on Romania which develop and owned new tab extension for Chrome.

80's Tab is a Chrome Extension for the New Tab powered by Advertis Tech SRL
80s New tab - Set your start page with the greatest and most memorable 80s moments

80's New tab - By Advertis Tech SRL
Get a start page look and feel of the 80s. We provide 80s experience in your new tab. Get fast and easy access to significant moments from the 80s.
The search features use within the extension will be provided by Microsoft Bing; however, the extension will not make any changes in your default browser search setting.
By installing the 80s New tab Chrome extension you agree to install this application, and you agree to the End User License Agreement and the Privacy Policy.
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How to remove this extension from your Chrome?
You can open your Chrome browser’s Settings and find our extension on the Extensions page. Click on the “Remove” button, and it will be completely removed. Alternatively, you can right-click on the extension’s icon on your browser, and select “Remove from Chrome” from the drop-down menu.